Q&A with Lawrence Williams, ‘The Musician’ and sound designer/composer.

24 Mar

What part do you play in Keepers?

In the programme, I’m billed as The Musician. I do play a bit of music, but also a lot of sound design which in fact gives the piece a lot of shape – it’s almost like audio set design! Continue reading

Q&A with Martin Bonger, aka Thomas Howell

23 Mar

What part do you play in Keepers?

I play Thomas Howell, the one who lives and goes mad… Continue reading

Bringing it home.

16 Mar

A big show for us last night as Martin stepped forward onto the stage in Cardigan, Wales, and spoke the opening (changed) lines of the prologue:

“Twenty-two miles off this very coast Continue reading

Q&A with Fionn Gill, aka Thomas Griffith

4 Mar

What part do you play in Keepers?

I play Thomas Griffith… well there has been some confusion about if it is Griffith or Howell who dies in the real story, reports seem to differ. We’re going with Griffith dying. So I play The Lighthouse Keeper Who Dies. Continue reading

“A ship was built in Philadelphia…”

20 Feb

I found this today and thought I’d share it: the lyrics to an old Welsh Hymn that I brought into our first rehearsal for Keepers back in 2009. Continue reading

Q&A with Simon Day, Director

4 Feb

What part do you play in Keepers?

Other than actually being in it, a little bit of everything! Officially I suppose, I have directed and produced the show, as well as doing a lot of the writing, but when you’re a new small company and it’s a devised piece it can all get quite blurry Continue reading

Profiles of Top 10

1 Feb

The Smalls Pembrokeshire, Wales – 1775

Guardian of the most delicious true story, and inspiration for our show, Keepers. Because of what happened on The Smalls in 1801, it was decreed that these remarkable structures should be manned by 3 instead of 2 keepers. Ah, the wisdom of hindsight…

The Pharos of Alexandria – Pharos, Egypt – C.250BC

One of the Seven Wonders of The World, and second only behind The Smalls in my Top 10, The Pharos was the mother of all lighthouses.

La Jument – Brittany, France – 1911

The poster-boy of the lighthouse world thanks to an extraordinary photo shot from a helicopter by Jean Guichard.

St Anthony’s – Falmouth, Cornwall – 1835

This lighthouse featured in the opening credits of Fraggle Rock. What more deserving accolade to thrust St Anthony’s into 4th place in my Top 10.

Cordouan – Gironde Estuary, France – 1611

A shoe-in for my Top 10 thanks to theatre’s debt to this lighthouse: the lighting rig’s workhorse, that good old fresnel lens, was first used here in 1823.

Winstanley’s Lighthouse on Eddystone Rocks – Devon/Cornwall – 1698

What isn’t there to love about the original Eddystone Lighthouse? It looks like a cuckoo clock, Henry Winstanley was, even by his contemporary’s standards, a colourful character, and upon his release from imprisonment by Louis XIV prompted the King to utter the lines “France is at war with England, not with humanity”.

North Foreland – Kent – 1691

The Plasticine Men salute Dermot Cronin, the UK’s last lighthouse keeper who hung up his wellies in 1998 when North Foreland became the last of Trinity House’s lighhouses to be automated.

Split Point – Victoria, Australia – 1891

OK, so it wasn’t as good as Fraggle Rock, but this location for hit children’s TV show, Round The Twist, earns Still Point 8th place in my Top 10.

Orfordness – Suffolk – C.1634

Not as much respect for the whole of humanity here, by a French Privateer who attached the Lighthouse in 1707, causing much damage and stealing the keepers’ beds, the scoundrel.

San Juan del Salvamento – Tierra del Fuego, Argentina – 1884

Better known as Faro del fin del mundo (“Lighthouse at the end of the world”), and made famous by inspiring Jules Verne’s book of the same name. Makes my Top 10 for Keeper’s indebtedness to this part of the world: a book of short stories called Tierra del Fuego by Francisco Coloane was really influential in early stages of development.

My Top 10 Lighthouses

1 Feb

I found out more about lighthouses than is probably healthy when making Keepers. What follows, is a list of the Top 10, in my humble opinion…

  1. The Smalls
  2. Pharos of Alexandria
  3. La Jument
  4. St Anthony’s
  5. Cordouan
  6. Winstanley’s at Eddystone
  7. North Foreland
  8. Split Point
  9. Orfordness
  10. San Juan del Salvamento

Take a look at the lighthouse profiles for more information.

May be you have a favourite that’s missing from my list, or are for some reason apoplectic that La Jumentis above Eddystone? I’d love to hear from you…