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Animal, vegetable or mineral?

5 Nov

It seems like a good time, whilst looking back on our first days in the space, and towards our next week, to talk analogies; specifically, those muddle mouthed attempts to talk about the shape or the identity of a show as it’s being made, before it can be defined. Continue reading

A visit to the Queen’s Hamlet

5 Oct

I am writing this on a train, in a  tunnel, beneath the sea. The novelty of Eurostar must’ve worn off for most people by now, but as this is my first time, I’m going to savour a little shameless excitement. Besides, today I’ve been in Paris to research our next piece. Continue reading

Emperor Joseph (aka Count Falkenstein)

16 Sep

The starting point for Keepers was a lot narrower than the one we are taking into rehearsal soon for L’Autruche. Essentially, we knew what the story was and we were going to set about telling it. Through research, and in wrangling with the potential core, premise or drive of this starting point, I’m trying to find some possible tantalising shapes, questions, or opportunities that can give us something of a frame, no matter how blurry, within which we can start to play with material Continue reading

Arvon calling: the premise and the ostrich.

16 Sep

All being well, it’s just a few weeks now until we start work on a new show, the one about The Queen’s Hamlet. Back in that familiar place where excitement about getting started is mixed in equal parts with the terror of not really knowing what we’re about to make. Continue reading