The beginning of Rahimullah & Sons

21 Dec

There are three key moments I always recall when people ask me how this show has come about. The first was just over 12 years ago. I remember watching the news wide-eyed as the first bombs fell on the mountains of Afghanistan, a country I’d never given much thought to but which has rarely been out the news since. Then in March 2010, I read about the long-standing White Cemetery in Kabul (whose walls record the growing British casualties alongside those of two previous wars we’ve conducted in the country), and the obituary of its long-serving Muslim caretaker, Rahimullah. Finally, last year, I came across a small article tucked away in a newspaper detailing a leaked document from an MOD think tank. Ahead of our military withdrawal next year, it reported a frank admission that West’s most recent engagement in Afghanistan, bearing startling parallels to the Soviet’s previously, has failed in a similar and spectacular fashion, and for many of the same reasons.

In its own way, this is going to be a show about these things.

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