Fourth day – grilled by self-improvement

3 Oct

Hitting that point today when the question of what it’s about has definitely arrived in the room in a big way. I often find this really kicks off when the interrogation by the performers inevitable begins: “yeah, but what are we in?”

Sparked by a morning spent just writing in response to a self-improvement exercise, six Buddhist inspired questions about self-knowledge. That’ll teach me. I’m intrigued by whether there’s a through line from new age and Eastern thought through the generational aspects of the stories. What was the legacy of the 60’s anyway?

We then looked at the poem Ozymandias by Shelley, which invariable morphed into Joesph Ritchie giving a TED talk. I’m drawn to him because he’s still alive (it’s his father buried in Kabul) and because his of his rhythm, the pulse he can potentially drive the piece with, he’s the ‘next installment’ in a way. A glimpse of bringing drive and character to narration to avoid what could be purely functional or just washy.

Still not sure yet how many stories we should be looking to tell. Is three too many?

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