Third day – writing on the mountains

2 Oct

Past the midway point and an encouraging and intimidating amount out of our brains and slopping around the studio floor, a primordial show ooze: glimpses of half formed limbed, gelatinous vertebrae… is that an eye? Extremities that may or may to become formed and useful, could turn out to be a thumbs, or the appendix.

The Ritchie brothers today plunged us into a world so far from our own, of power, money, decisions, consequences. Turns out Joseph Ritchie part owns the Hollywood sign. What did we think they might write on the mountains circling Kabul?

Rew jumps on the piano and plays mournful music as Jon watches bombs rain down, tracking paths of B52’s open mouthed as the sides of a mountain fall away.

We’re grappling with foreigness, with the identity of narrators, with ownership of the show’s rhythm (it that of a shuffling caretaker or of unyielding questing across continents?), with mashing up stories, falling through worm-holes, and anchors in the chaos.

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