Animal, vegetable or mineral?

5 Nov

It seems like a good time, whilst looking back on our first days in the space, and towards our next week, to talk analogies; specifically, those muddle mouthed attempts to talk about the shape or the identity of a show as it’s being made, before it can be defined.
Amongst other things, the show so far has been talked about as both a creature, and a house.

A creature has a life of its own and we are its keepers. Ours has just been born, and we couldn’t even tell you what species it is yet. But it is growing; there are definitely some stumps that that could well become legs, and a faint but unmistakable heartbeat.

Or is devising a  show like building a house? Without a blueprint, but with a feeling, a hunch, for what might be built. Strong foundations are key to support whatever takes shape.

Or both? May be we are in a process of building a home in which our creature can dwell. There is also this connected sense from sculpture, that a piece of stone has within it the object that wants to be discovered and it is the sculptor’s task to serve that desire. It feels as though we are responsible to our starting point sometimes, that a story is its own entity that wants to be told; we are raising our creature but also finding out what it wants and needs. Are we building a wheel for a hamster or a tank for a fish? How can be build a habitat rather than a cage?

All this begs the question: in what kind of enclosure does an ostrich live? Presumably, not one with a concrete floor…

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